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Commercial Heating and Cooling 

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Subsidized heating and cooling

  • Eligibility

  • You can get this offer whether you are a renter or a homeowner. If you are a renter, you only need to get the authorization of the owner.

  • There are other eligibility criteria according to government standards. Therefore a FREE CONSULTATION is essential to check whether you are eligible to get this offer.

  • Please CHECK YOUR ELIGIBILITY by clicking the following button for your FREE CONSULTATION.


  • The Process

  • Step 1- Submit Your Information
    We have heaps of other FREE products. Submit your information on our website

  • Step 2-  Free Consultation
    Our team will contact you after seeing whether you are eligible to get the FREE Air Conditioner Upgrade (Based on the government regulations).

  • Step 3- Installation
    Our team will Install Air conditioner at a predetermined time of your convenience. 



  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system  is a technology that circulate only the minimum amount of refrigerant needed during a single heating or cooling period. This mechanism introduced the opportunity for end users to individually control several air conditioning zones at one time.



  • Commercial Ducted air conditioning offers a discreet and efficient way to cool (or heat) multiple rooms throughout a business. Flexible ducts distribute conditioned air from a central unit, providing consistent temperature control for offices, retail spaces, and other large areas. This system is ideal for businesses seeking a quiet and unobtrusive climate control solution.



Multi-head split system air conditioners, allowing one outdoor unit to cool or heat multiple rooms independently. This is ideal for homes where different zones require varying temperatures. With individual controls for each indoor unit, you save energy by only cooling or heating the rooms you're using.

  • The Process

  • Step 1- Submit Your Information
    We have heaps of Brands. Submit your information Here 

  • Step 2-  Free Assessment 
    Our team will get in touch with you for obligation free consultation and assessment  

  • Step 3- Installation
    After your Satisfaction our team will install the reversed cycle  air-conditioner  at a predetermined time of  your convivence . 

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